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Our highly accurate solutions can work through either existing security camera infrastructure or Springboard proprietary hardware.

JASON Innovation

JASON utilizes existing security cameras, providing a low-cost platform for customer analytics. This makes our data and insights all available on demand, so you consume only what you need.

This technology helps you get the most out of expensive capital infrastructure, to be greener, smarter and fit for the future. By making the technology available on an accessible platform with a flexible cost profile, you can also identify and harness excess capacity. Plus, you can sweat assets by leveraging the capital investment in loss prevention to provide retailers with much more than security.

  • No long-term contracts
  • Low or zero cost of deployment
  • Match the costs of analytics to revenue
  • Fully GDPR/data compliant
  • Improved aesthetics, with fewer devices in the store environment

What’s more? The existing security system works exactly as before, with absolutely no loss of quality or functionality.


Springboard Hardware

Our own high-quality proprietary hardware has been deployed in over 4500 locations, measuring with the same high accuracy from the first floor to forty floors.

By using the security platform, we open up a whole world of exciting services, including:

  • Face detection
    • Demographics
    • Staff engagement
    • Journey time
    • Dwell and queueing
  • Scene analytics
    • Clothing
    • Bag detection
    • Text recognition (logos, license plates etc.)
  • Human detection (non-face detection)
    • Dwell time
    • Queuing and transaction time


TST counting software

Target Specific Tracking (TST) pedestrian and vehicle counting system is currently the most sophisticated counting and analytical package available. Utilizing High Definition video, it is a real-time video analytics engine that utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to turn video into actionable intelligence. TST is a camera-based tracking technology and, unlike other counting technologies, can cope with the vagaries in light that typically occur in external locations and which can undermine the degree of accuracy achieved. 

TST uses the camera as an “eye” but does not store any images so there are no privacy nor data protection implications. The TST software is loaded on to a Da Vinchi Linux codec, which utilizes the High definition live video stream to process all algorithms and analysis live. Data is retrieved each hour from the counters. The data files are very small, about 2kb in size. Occasionally, Springboard connects to the camera to review and validate the system.

A built-in connection allows data to be exported from the unit and remote diagnostics and software upgrades to be performed.

Data is recorded to the on-board flash memory.

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