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Our highly accurate solutions can work through either existing security camera infrastructure or Springboard proprietary hardware.


At Springboard, we have the data and insights on customers in stores and destinations, to drive more informed decisions. 

Springboard is the leading provider of data and intelligence on customer activity in stores and destinations. From customer counting and demographic profiling through to sentiment analysis, our services monitor customer behavior at the finest level of detail. We work with brands, malls, property owners, downtowns and industry associations across North America, UK and Europe. We are renowned for our data accuracy, innovative technology and tailored solutions. We can utilize existing security surveillance hardware, removing the need for costly and lengthy implementation timeframes. Alternatively, we can install our own proprietary hardware and infrastructure if required. And our tailored reports deliver clear insights that enable you to act with speed and confidence.


TST counting

Target Specific Tracking (TST) pedestrian and vehicle counting is currently the most sophisticated edge counting and analytical package available. Utilizing High Definition video, it is a real-time video analytics engine with image processing algorithms to turn video into actionable intelligence.

TST is a camera-based analysis technology and, unlike other counting technologies, can cope with the variances in light that typically occur in external locations. 

  • No previous system required
  • Data transmitted via VPN over 3G/4G/LTE or fibre network
  • Active immediately after installation
  • Fully GDPR/CCPA/data compliant

Customer analytics solutions

Pedestrian and vehicle data, with demographic and sentiment analysis. Springboard counters are accurate indoor and out, proven accuracy in all weathers and all environments, with advanced infrared technology for clear night vision.

Monitor groups of pedestrians and vehicles with custom AI boxing and multiple count lines for advanced customer analytics. 

Springboard counters are scalable for all retail destinations, and have proven accuracy up to 98% on installations from 7 feet to 55-storeys high.

All data is two-factor validated hourly, first via AI algorithm and second, by our team of experts. Have the confidence to make informed business decisions. 



JASON utilizes your existing security surveillance solution, providing a low-cost platform for customer analytics. Consume only what you need, with our on-demand solution.

This technology helps you get the most out of your existing expensive capital infrastructure, to be greener, smarter and fit for the future.

Leverage the capital investment in loss prevention to provide retailers with much more than security.

  • No long-term contracts
  • Little or zero cost of deployment
  • Match the costs of analytics to revenue
  • Fully CCPA/GDPR/data compliant
  • Improved aesthetics, with fewer devices in the store environment

SMART CCTV security solutions

Our smart security solution is the first of its kind. It uses a series of fixed counters to identify moving objects and alert a central security camera. This central camera then auto-tracks the object and records movement.

Ideally suited for perimeter protection, wide area surveillance and remote un-manned operations. We can utilize your existing surveillance hardware, with little to no lead time and minimal setup costs.

Make the most of autonomous operation and custom zoom ratios for pedestrians and License Plate Recognition (LPR) for all vehicle traffic.

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GDPR and CCPA compliance

All of our solutions are CCPA / GDPR compliant, in accordance with ISO27001 and data protection policies. Springboard use the camera as an “eye” but do not store any images, therefore there are no privacy or data protection implications.

For more information on our GDPR and CCPA compliance, please see our privacy policy. 


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