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Springboard Research Inc.
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Springboard Research Inc.
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Our approach

Springboard works with a number of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), providing data to deliver efficiencies in resource allocation, business retention, benchmarking trends and to attract new occupiers and investors into the town/city centre. 



Bedford BID

Evaluating the success of marketing and promotion by identifying the additional visitors and/or spend generated during an event or as a result of a promotion.

Bedford BID reported an increase in visitors during the festive activities of 2016, confirming that the work the BID team put in paid off for the town and levy payers at a key trading time. Bedford increase Christmas footfall.

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Manchester BID

Demonstrating its success in attracting customers and/or spend into the town/city centre.

Many locations showcase their ped count data online allowing stakeholders to see performance each week. Manchester BID is just one example of this.

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Fitztrovia BID

Detecting early warning signs of change, so that relevant strategies can be implemented.

With the closure of Tottenham Court Road Tube Station, Fitzrovia BID was able to understand the change within a matter of days, seeing a decline in ped counts at one location and assisting businesses when this impacted trade.

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Leamington BID

Providing an objective measure of performance, lessening reliance on anecdotal evidence as a measure of success.

BID’s use ped count data as a KPI to show stakeholders performance and change, demonstrating the impact the BID has had during a term and highlighting this in business plans such as their Leamington BID business plan.

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Weymouth BID

Attracting event sponsorship by having clear evidence of the success in attracting more visitors and/or spend to the town centre.

Weymouth BID has a dedicated sponsorship page highlighting the events the BID fund/operate and details about the potential exposure through ped count data: Weymouth sponsorship.

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