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Movement. Dwell time. Repeat visits. Wi-Fi tracking is the ideal companion to footfall data, enabling you to understand customer behaviour within a space. This delivers much-needed qualitative data, providing the 360 degree perspective on performance required to maximise the potential of your space.

Identify behaviour patterns

Footfall data is crucial: it tells you how many people are in your location and how this is changing. Wi-Fi tracking helps you build on that data to understand customer behaviour, from how customers interact with the space enabling heat mapping, to their dwell time and how frequently they come back.

Understanding this key qualitative data provides the breadth of insight needed to drive what can be very subtle change. This is often the key to gaining competitive advantage.

All Wi-Fi tracking data is 100% anonymised and encrypted, so there are no privacy concerns.

Reflect and understand interactions

To track movement and behaviour, the system refreshes its connection with a customer’s device every five seconds. You can establish concentrations of activity and areas that are underused. This provides the insights required to know where best to place promotions, and how layout or offer can be optimised to improve the flow of people through the space.

Wi-Fi tracking also provides dwell time, giving you additional insights around the success of initiatives that may not be obvious in footfall data. It also identifies repeat visitors, so the cumulative longer term benefit can be better understood. This is the added value and unique insight that only Wi-Fi tracking can deliver.

Accurate data, for intelligent decisions.


Understand the technology.

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