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For some destinations, vehicle numbers offer a more relevant indicator of activity than footfall. For others, it adds valuable insight to supplement footfall data. Our advanced car counting service tells you how many vehicles enter the destination.

Every entrance. Measured.

Track vehicles entering your destination – delivering reliable data. We can connect to your existing systems or install our hardware instead – both methods provide unrivalled accuracy.

Your figures are updated hourly, and every data point goes through two-level authentication to guarantee reliability: algorithms first, then data experts for final sign-off.

Understanding drives better numbers.

Accurate vehicle numbers help you optimise the flow of vehicles in and out of your space – which can improve the turnover of people and boost location performance.

This also gives you a fuller view of how people are arriving. When combined with other metrics, car counting can help you plan resource, measure performance, and support the case for investment.


Understand the technology.

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