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Pedestrian counting is fundamental in delivering revenue for bricks and mortar destinations. However, the success of a destination ultimately hinges on converting these into sales. Tracking sales lets you understand whether retailers are appealing to customers, and therefore if the offer in the destination is completely optimized.

Collect invaluable insights frequently, easily and securely.

Market performance changes from day to day, and so does your data and insights. Perform collects sales data each week and delivers both weekly and annual percentage changes.

At the most granular level, daily sales data is collected so you can understand the value generated by individual stores and store categories. This includes winners and losers, and the relative strength of different parts of the center.

The system is flexible and easy to use – we either collect figures over the phone on your behalf, or businesses can submit figures weekly through a secure email link. PDF reports can be emailed directly to each business, management teams and landlords. You can also access reports through your BI system.

Use the insights from Perform to fine-tune your strategy.

Perform is a valuable tool that helps you understand how well a destination is meeting customer demand. Although visitor numbers may be acceptable, poor sales are a clear indicator that issues around the destination’s offer need to be addressed. The opposite is also true: strong sales demonstrate that the offer is appropriate for the catchment.

Perform can tell you:

  • Trends in sales
  • Individual brand and category performance
  • The effectiveness of marketing initiatives in driving sales
  • The relationship between pedestrian counts and sales, and therefore the uplift in pedestrians required to drive additional sales
  • The profitability of a space, and likely future profitability

Our weekly reports can help you decide if you need to change course, or simply keep doing what you’re doing. The reports are the hard proof you need to get the mix just right.


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