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It has always been crucial to understand customer profiles; now it’s possible to do so day by day, hour by hour, and on demand. Our system lets you access data when it’s relevant for you and switch off when it isn’t – simply plug and play.

Customer demographics – as and when needed, 24/7

Springboard uses facial detection to determine a person’s age, gender and sentiment – revealing whether they are happy, sad, angry or even disappointed. Face detection can also be used to measure staff engagement, journey time and queuing.

You can measure demographics whenever you like – whether that’s continuously, only in key trading periods, or during a location’s first few months. You can use it in every location, or a selected sample. You stay in control.

Insights range from the strategic: identifying whether the profile of the location matches the store proposition – to the specific: are particular promotions attracting the right audience?

Minimize cost and difficulty by using existing infrastructure

Our facial detection service works through either existing security infrastructure or Springboard hardware.

Still images of individuals approaching the camera are captured and analyzed. The data is translated into a numeric algorithm, so no individual can be named; once analyzed, the images are discarded. This all happens within two seconds. Pre-recorded videos can also be used, and the system can detect the same individual across a camera network, so the data is truly accurate.


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