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Identify how successful your store is in attracting customers, by establishing and tracking its Capture Rate.

The Capture Rate is the proportion of passing pedestrian traffic that enters your store and represents a store’s market share in a location. Capture Rates vary by category, brand and location, but ideally should always remain stable or increase, demonstrating that the store is capturing more potential trade.

Enhanced pedestrian traffic insights

Traffic counting delivers accurate data on the number of customers entering your stores – critical for establishing its conversion rate. However, how will you know if your stores are maximizing their potential in terms of customer numbers?

The Capture Rate tells you. By tracking the Capture Rate, you can identify the proportion of external pedestrian count that enters the store; and so establish the success of both the store and the location. This helps you understand whether your stores could be attracting more business. Tracking this metric differentiates market trends from those in store and provides true insight on the ROI of store initiatives.

Optimize store initiatives

Establishing the real ROI of initiatives can be complex – it is difficult to separate true ROI from gains made from uplifts in passing ped counts. Capture Rate is the answer. By understanding the rate for each store, you can clearly see if a store is attracting a greater proportion of passing traffic, or if it is simply benefiting from wider trends.

This means that initiatives such as window campaigns, brand marketing and promotion, store events, new ranges and layouts can all be evaluated more accurately, and an exact ROI delivered.


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