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The consumer landscape is going through an exciting period of change. Some destinations are thriving, while others are searching to find their way. Our benchmarking service helps you make sense of the market – this is sophisticated business intelligence, made simple.

Understand your performance.

Our data gives context to your performance and shines a light on unfulfilled potential.

For all clients, our systems and analysts can take our data and compare it to any pre-existing data set to help you to have a greater understanding of the performance of your location.

In the UK, we count footfall across the entire retail landscape, spanning all three key destination types (high streets, shopping centers and retail parks), 24/7. We have over 4,500 individual counting points, with a close correlation to the distribution of overall UK retail spending – this delivers a robust market benchmark that’s unrivalled in terms of breadth and granularity.

In addition to a national benchmark, regional and local benchmarks are available. Our data is so substantive that we deliver benchmarks by day and even part days – filtered by sub region or smaller areas and clusters of locations. We also deliver benchmarks by week and month, as well as for key trading periods such as Easter, Black Friday and Christmas.

Our highly-regarded Footfall Index is considered so reliable that it is widely cited by national print and broadcast media. Published weekly and monthly, it is held to be the industry measure of bricks and mortar destination performance.

Evaluate, accurately.

We hold the highest single concentration of footfall data in the UK, with over 15 years of historic data from over 4,500 counting points. We take accuracy seriously and developed our dataset strategically in order for it to replicate the retail spending landscape. That’s why our insights are second-to-none.

Benchmarking helps you understand what you’re doing right – or where you might need to focus your attention. It lets you see whether changes are a result of improvements or simply due to local, regional or national trends. Crucially, it also provides the context required to fully understand future potential.


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