Springboard’s Vacancy Rate


As of October 2021, the vacancy rate remained high at 11.7% compared with 9.8% pre-pandemic. 

By collecting data which relates to the number of vacant units within your town, Springboard can demonstrate to the government how the pandemic and the rise in hybrid working has impacted town centres. 

We will promote the results within our monthly footfall release in May which will be widely distributed to leading media outlets


How do I participate?

Complete our short survey using the link below and enter the total number of units and vacant units in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vacancy Rate Survey?

Springboard’s quarterly vacancy rate survey is completed by high streets for high streets and creates context to the health of your town/city.


Why should I participate?

The aim is to provide you with an accurate view of the % of vacancy rates in your region so that you can benchmark your area.


What will I receive?

Once you have provided us with your figures you will receive a free Vacancy Rate report which includes the UK national and regional vacancy rate benchmarks along with the vacancy rate for other towns in your area.


How much does the survey cost?

Our survey is free to participate in.

What is Springboard’s definition of an independent unit?

An independent retailer is defined in the survey as having less than five branches nationally.



Are bars and restaurants classed as a unit?

Bars are classed as a unit – we need total number of ground floor units – retail or not.



Do I need to send my vacancy rates every quarter?

We run our vacancy rate survey each quarter, and we’re happy for you to participate in all quarters, or only one quarter if you can’t manage any more.


Do I need to be a Springboard client?

You don’t need to be a Springboard client to participate. The survey is open to all.