Retail intelligence and in-store analytics

Creating new opportunities for growth and sales optimization

Understand foot traffic and the movement of customers outside and inside your store, their dwell time, interactions within the store, demographics, sentiment, store capture rate, and more to understand the potential of your location

Case Study:

Ashley Stewart

"We are looking at the data daily to identify opportunities that will help drive business improvement. We’ve reviewed the impact of scheduling by segment as well as where we have the opportunity to shift tasking. We look at the data directionally for insight that may help project trends."

Susan Reiman, Vice President, Field, and Operations

dwell time

All Springboard solutions include:

retail intelligence

Real-time analytics

Your data by year, month, week, day or hour, or as it happens — all at the touch of a button

In-store analytics

> 98% accuracy

AI and human validation to provide outstanding accuracy you can trust

retail capture rate

99.9% uptime

We guarantee continuous and seamless delivery of your data around the clock

pedestrian tracking

Flexible integration

Integrate our RESTful API into your existing BI platform or use the Springboard Analyser to combine your BI into custom dashboards

retail foot traffic

Privacy assured

Fully CCPA and GDPR compliant, all video is processed for analytics and alerts can be pixelated and anonymized

Latest Benchmarks

We help you benchmark your performance, understand trends, and quickly make well-informed decisions to succeed in the ever-changing retail landscape.

Latest Insights

We track foot traffic, benchmarks, trends, and analysis on three continents and develop insights to help you understand what's happening today and what's coming next.


"Of the many hundreds of technology partners that we have worked with at rue21, Springboard is one of the very best. It has been a tremendous partnership, and one that has provided an incredible amount of business value."

Dr. Mark Chrystal
Chief Analytics Officer

Webinar On Demand: US Annual Pedestrian Traffic Review 2022

Springboard’s annual review looks back at the performance of US downtowns and retail destinations throughout 2022, encompassing key trends in pedestrian traffic, store sales, consumer confidence and online shopping.

Marketing & Insights Director, Diane Wehrle, took a closer look at these key trends alongside the impact on pedestrian traffic due to hybrid working and the economic factors driving consumer activity.

Watch Replay