Pedestrian Counting


Get accurate pedestrian data. Make informed decisions.


Measure customer activity, continuously 24/7, whatever the environment. Use reliable data to make informed decisions on staffing, events, offer and everything that counts. The outcome: improved performance, guided by real insights to move you closer to achieving your goals.

Measure with unrivalled accuracy

Our technology delivers equal accuracy indoors and out, from the first floor to forty storeys high. We can employ your existing security hardware to reduce cost, upheaval and implementation time.

Your data is updated hourly, and everything goes through two-level authentication. First, we verify by algorithm, then our data team checks everything, giving you precise reports you can rely on. And, as no identifying information is stored, you won’t have any worries around privacy. Start comparing real numbers against benchmark data to know if you’re reaching your potential.



Convert data into decisions

This is data with real commercial value. Pedestrian count data boosts efficiency on everything from resource scheduling and event planning to space management and promotional activities. Data can also be analyzed to deliver insights into dwell, queuing and transition times. Whether you’re a store owner or business district manager, every decision becomes an informed one – every change powered by accurate numbers and insights