Occupancy Alert


Track customer occupancy in stores, destinations, and workspaces. Live, in real-time.

Monitor live occupancy levels to keep customers and staff COVID safe. Receive automatic alerts when the maximum occupancy is met.

Tracking occupancy levels live is vital in keeping customers and staff safe, and in demonstrating that social distancing requirements are being adhered to.

Springboard’s Occupancy Alert service clearly displays key occupancy measures delivered to you in four ways; Springboard’s online Analyser, email alerts, the Springboard app, and an API feed. Each presenting occupancy in a RAG format for the % occupancy and % change in occupancy from previous periods.

Occupancy Alert Options

We offer three options, to suit all technology requirements and budgets – from small to large retail stores, shopping centres, retail parks and workspaces

PedBox. A low-cost plugin solution tracks occupancy via our app. Suitable for small and medium-sized retailers. Read more about our PedBox here.

TST Occupancy. Integrates seamlessly into Springboard’s TST footfall counters, sending automatic alerts. Ideal for large space retailers, shopping centers, and strip malls.

JASON Occupancy. Utilize your CCTV system. Springboard’s JASON device connects into your existing CCTV feed. Suitable for all locations, including workspaces.

Rapid remote implementation through Springboard’s platform ensures you can start tracking occupancy within days. Be ready for opening post lockdown.


Benefits to you

  • Make shoppers and staff feel safe by demonstrating that customer volumes are being managed and social distancing is being adhered to.
  • Demonstrate that a safe environment is being provided for staff in workspaces, encouraging them to return to work.
  • Enable resources to be allocated efficiently by alerting management and security when capacity is being reached.
  • Optimize forward operational planning by understanding differences in activity between time periods to ensure that current resources match demand.
  • Avoid over-crowding within different areas, by identifying concentrations of customers and employees in particular areas.
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility by having the evidence that customer and employee numbers are being managed.
  • Measure visitor levels with minimal impact and cost to the business.


Springboard’s Occupancy Alert service is easy to implement, and most cases can be achieved remotely – so we are able to adhere to social distancing requirements.

If you’re a Springboard client, we can utilize your existing TST footfall counters for Occupancy Alert. However, if you’re not yet one of our clients you can still benefit from the service – we can utilise your CCTV system or we can supply our Pedbox for an easy low-cost self-service installation

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