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Partnership Success Manager

Who we are.

Springboard is the leading provider of data and intelligence on customer activity in stores and destinations. From customer counting and demographic profiling through to sentiment tracking, our services monitor customer behavior at the finest level of detail. We work with brands, malls, property owners, downtowns, and industry associations across North America and Europe.

We are renowned for our data accuracy, innovative technology, and tailored solutions. We can utilize existing CCTV hardware, negating the need for costly and lengthy implementation, or install our own proprietary hardware. And our tailored reports deliver clear insights that enable clients to act with speed and confidence.

You have the exciting opportunity to join our team of motivated, creative, and talented individuals working to deliver unrivaled service, insights and to retail, malls, and downtowns. The driving force of our success is our determination to grow our business, ensure our customers become our partners and our eclectic team. At Springboard we’re focused on constant and never-ending improvement, so you can expect to develop professionally and grow with the company.

Purpose of Role

A Partnership Success Manager (PSM) seeks to develop a positive customer experience and fosters relationship to support brand loyalty. They work very closely alongside both the Sales and Operational teams to ensure the retention of our existing customers. The goal is that all our customers fully understand the solution deployed and experience excellent service and support throughout the term of their contract ensuring a smooth renewal is achieved. The PSM should be well-versed on the range of solutions offered by Springboard and be able to offer insight on current solutions deployed whilst actively looking for opportunities and ways to add value to the client relationship.

Key responsibilities:

  • Maintain regular telephone contact with Springboard customer to ensure brand loyalty and optimise the use of our services.
  • Work with the marketing team to devise regular comms plans to engage, add insights and identify upselling opportunities to existing customers.
  • Ensure the existing level of ARR of designated accounts is maintained whilst identifying new contacts and opportunities for cross and upselling for the Sales team.

Main duties

Developing a healthy customer relationship
The PSM create engagement strategies with clients to develop a professional relationship through the provision of product and operational services, training, and customer services. It is the role of the CSMs to create and maintain long-lasting and healthy relationships with customers. It is the duty of the manager to create trusted relationships with the customer stakeholders to ensure that the customers receive the necessary support services. Overall, the PSM ensures that the customer gets the best service to enhance their satisfaction.

Enhancing customer training
It’s important to note the impact that training brings to the success of our business as it sets up our customers for success by making it easier for them to take advantage of our products and data. Partnership Success Training involves scheduling conference calls with our customers to give them customised training on how to access their data and how it can be used to meet their needs, giving an opportunity to fully understand their desired outcome.

Evaluating and analysing customers’ needs
The PSM promotes the success of the business by regularly checking on how the company’s product is meeting customers’ needs and whether there are areas for possible improvement. This is through gathering feedback, paying attention to feedback on the product as well as gathering insights on the overall experience of using the product. This includes whether any documentation was available, easy to use and if the transition to using the product was smooth.

Building trust and transparency with clients
To get full value on the business, a PSM needs to build customer trust. Therefore, transparency is vital as this will invite customers to participate in more internal conversations, giving them insights for recommending a path to value, regardless of whether is includes additional revenue. With this move, the PSM can unlock more value for their customers, creating a virtuous circle that ensures mutual success.

Onboarding new clients
For a PSM, Customer Onboarding is the most important task and clearly defines their success. It’s incredibly essential to educate our customers on how to use our products. A PSM should focus on features which the customer needs to learn so they can get up to speed as fast as possible and be one step closer to achieving their goals.

Acting as a customer advocate
A PSM is a customer’s advocate and is responsible for ensuring customer feedback is heard and acted upon. They are the voice of our customers and their biggest challenge is mediating between the customer’s requests and the company’s vision. The customer’s requests might conflict with each other or with the company’s plans for the product thus the PSM’s role is finding the best way to represent customers’ preferences in the context of the company’s overall vision.

Encouraging customers to upgrade their products
Due to close access to customers’ experiences, PSMs play a pivotal role in persuading customers to upgrade to higher plans or even catalyse them to consider complementary products. With an in-depth understanding of customer needs, they can identify opportunities for the company to provide additional services. They are also able to bring these opportunities to the customer’s attention and intersect with customers’ particular demands. Notwithstanding the access to customers’ experiences, he or she deals with customers’ complaints, thus requiring adaptability and also the ability to respond to unexpected situations. A PSM serves as the company’s firefighter and is necessary to maintain top form and ability to find the best solution to as many issues as possible.

Promoting customer loyalty It is the PSMs job to create customer loyalty and retain them; hence renewals are vital for this position. PSM’s should be able to keep track of customer renewal dates and follow up with customers prior to renewing as well as during the lifetime of the contract to reduce potential churn. Where churn occurs, the PSM should be able to identify the reason for churn, and where appropriate, make improvements for the future.



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