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Springboard insights are powered by our foot traffic data captured at over 5,000 counting points in retail destinations across the US. Enabling you to fully understand the complete customer journey and providing critical insights on market trends, they empower you to be more responsive in implementing actions that boost performance.

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Weekly benchmarks

Each week we provide key highlights from our foot traffic data, ranging from the big numbers like US foot traffic to more granular data such as the footfall in market towns alongside commentary from our Insights Director, Diane Wehrle. Diane is one of the world’s 100 top retail influencers and is a regular commentator on the performance of retail in national broadcast and print media and at industry events.



We are the trusted expert on shopper behavior for the UK government, industry bodies, and broadcast and print media such as the BBC, Sky, and Financial Times. Our data features weekly across multiple domestic and international news outlets, and we provide a weekly update of the latest retail news, all in one place.

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With the retail environment constantly changing, we regularly host webinars and publish insights reports to ensure you have the most up-to-date insights. Details are provided here first, so you will never miss out on the latest retail insights and commentary.