26 DEC 17

Boxing footfall falls flat as half day figures show -4% decrease YOY

According to the latest data from retail experts Springboard footfall is -4% lower over the hours up to 12pm on Boxing Day this year than up to 12pm last year.  Activity in all destinations is lower than last year, but as has been the trend over the entire Christmas trading period, footfall has dropped in high streets and shopping centres by more than in retail parks (-4.7% in high streets and -4.3% in shopping centres compared with -2.1% in retail parks). This contrasts with the period up to 12pm last year, when footfall rose by +0.3%.

Diane Wehrle, Insights Director, Springboard: “We did anticipate a drop in footfall on Boxing Day this year, but the scale of the drop is greater than expected.  Given that last year footfall rose up to 12pm, but dropped over the 24 hour period as a whole, we are now expecting footfall to decline by more than -4% compared with last year over the day as a whole”.

Online transactions have risen this year from last year over the entire Christmas trading period, and we are therefore expecting online transactions to increase by more than the +6.2% rise on Boxing Day last year.