18 JAN 16

How was Vlogmas for you?

In a house with teenage girls, I am now suffering due to their PVB – Post Vlogmas Blues. What, I hear you ask is Vlogmas? - Vlogmas is when the You-Tubers, who they avidly watch all year on a weekly or ad-hoc basis, promise to do a daily vlog in the run up to Xmas. It’s like their very own personal Christmas countdown. This means that my girls got their daily dose of their chosen Fashion and Lifestyle gurus advising them where the bargains could be found, or which present may be suitable for which relative and of course hints for their own list. We got to enjoy (or endure) these Vloggers buying their Xmas tree, visiting reindeers and decorating their house as well as all the normal make-up and hairstyle tips too. The impact that these vloggers have on retail and more specifically on footfall is not insignificant. Their enthusiasm for shopping generally and the experiential nature of their shopping trips, which given the time of year included a review of seasonal trends, Christmas themed coffees and treats, as well as Christmas leisure options such as visits to Winter Wonderland in their respective city destination, mean that they are a medium to be embraced. Their influence throughout the year, but particularly during the “Vlogmas” period, with several hundred thousand and millions of followers / viewers in some cases, is not to be dismissed and indeed represents an opportunity for retail destinations to capitalise on their popularity. 

Sometimes it feels as though I have a third daughter, as I get to hear so much about their favourite vlogger of the month. I know the names of their pets, their boyfriend, their family members – so it easy to understand why my girls are suffering withdrawal symptoms. January is particularly quiet for these vloggers as I imagine they are tired of staring down a lens and pumping out enthusiastic, positive advice on a daily basis throughout December. I wonder if they spend the month of January in their new onesie, finishing off the biscuits and mince pies or if they are too busy enrolling in the next craze down the gym which we will hear all about when they get back on track. In a strange way I am hoping that they come back soon as my girls’ PVB is beginning to get to a worrying stage now and I am sure the high street & retail destinations are hoping they come back soon and divulge where to pick up the best bargains in the January sales.

Julie Richings, Springboard CFO