Unwrapping Christmas with Covid-19

With UK retail now in a second national lockdown, Springboard and AL Marketing have launched a timely report which looks into shopper intentions and opinions in the run-up to Christmas 2020.

Springboard together with retail destination specialists AL Marketing have partnered to provide an in-depth assessment of shopper viewpoints in the run up to Christmas during the pandemic. The nationwide consumer survey was carried out between 14th – 25th October, to provide critical insights which can help shopping destinations and retailers rapidly adjust their planning and communication in the run-up to reopening for Christmas.

Retail performance in the UK is being severely impacted by Covid-19, so there is an urgent need for retailers and retail destinations to understand the thoughts, concerns and behaviours of shoppers as we approach the most significant trading period of the year. The report findings and suggested action-points provides a useful insight into the mindsets of shoppers, ensuring that the re-opening to retail sales in December produces maximum results in the current circumstances.

Both Springboard and AL Marketing have expertise at the ready to provide additional support to put the necessary planning into action.