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Our highly accurate solutions can work through either existing security camera infrastructure or Springboard proprietary hardware.

Innovative technology

We are renowned for our innovative technology, tailored solutions, and data accuracy that delivers a real understanding of store and destination performance.

We can utilize existing security surveillance hardware, removing the need for costly and lengthy implementation timeframes. Alternatively, we can install our own proprietary hardware and infrastructure if required. Our tailored reports deliver clear insights that enable you to act with speed and confidence.

Our technology offers a platform that enables proven pedestrian counting alongside journey mapping and demographic and sentiment analysis.

Our two key solutions enable us to maintain the highest degree of accuracy in any environment, internal or external, where there are high or low viewing angles. Our technical expertise enables us to match the most appropriate technology for the environment.


Data can be transmitted via either an existing internet connection, or via 3G/4G connection


Active immediately after installation


Fully GDPR compliant

Springboard’s technology is scalable for all retail destinations, from a single store through to an entire mall or downtown. All with a proven accuracy up to 98% in locations ranging from 8 feet to 55-stories high.

All data is two-factor validated hourly, first via AI algorithm and second, by our team of data experts.

TST counting

Target Specific Tracking (TST) pedestrian and vehicle counting is a camera-based technology utilizing high definition video. It is a real-time video analytics engine with image processing algorithms that turns video into actionable intelligence and is the most proven technology available honed over the past two decades.

This long-established pedigree delivers the most accurate counts in even complex internal and external environments which suffer from variances in light. This technology has been proven in environments from eight feet to 55-stories in height

AI counting

AI Counting utilizes the latest visual-based technology. Using artificial intelligence, this solution has been trained via hundreds of thousands of images to count and classify all types of traffic such as people, bicycles, and vehicles including cars, trucks, and buses even at highway speeds.

This monitoring of people and vehicles can be undertaken via multiple count lines and zones within the same device which delivers highly accurate data in even the most demanding environments, including those with low mounting heights.

AI vehicle classification

Monitor vehicle flow, counts and classification on public roads and highways.

Proven to count and classify accurately at highway speed limits. Understand the traffic in your location, with AI Vehicle Classification.


Bicycle, Car, Bus, Truck, or Motorbike


JASON utilizes your existing CCTV security surveillance solution as a low-cost platform for customer analytics. This is an on-demand solution that enables you to consume only what you need when you need it.

JASON helps you to optimize your existing expensive capital infrastructure, to be greener, smarter, and fit for the future.

Leverage the capital investment in loss prevention to deliver much more than security.


No long-term contracts


Low cost of deployment


Match the costs of analytics to revenue


Fully GDPR compliant


Improved aesthetics, with fewer devices in the store environment

SMART CCTV security solutions

Over two decades of expertise in video-based technology has meant that we have been able to develop a smart CCTV security solution. This is the first of its kind, as it can combine security with reliable and proven customer analytics.

A series of fixed counters identifies moving objects and alerts a central CCTV security camera. This central camera then auto-tracks the object and records movement. It makes the most of autonomous operation and custom zoom ratios for footfall and License Plate Recognition (LPR) for all vehicle traffic.

Springboard’s customer analytics platform, which can be integrated either at the time of install or at a later date. Integrating seamlessly with our SMART CCTV solution, it delivers both security and our full suite of customer insights for maximum ROI.

Demographics and Sentiment

Springboard’s demographics and sentiment analytics establish the profile of visitors to a store or destination, identifying visitors’ age, gender and sentiment.

An image is captured and eliminated within one second, generating a digital signature in that time, based on a set of facial vectors that is completely anonymized.

For standard demographic and sentiment analysis, there is no storage of images and the facial vectors gathered cannot be reproduced. With appropriate permissions, the technology can be refined to include indexing of individuals to identify staff engagement, repeat visitors, and more accurate journey mapping.

Wi-Fi Tracking

Springboard’s Wi-Fi tracking technology maps customer journeys through destinations or stores, through a network of accurately placed nodes.

Complementing Springboard’s visual-based technologies and fully anonymized, Wi-Fi tracking operates passively to sniff out digital devices without the need for users to log on to a Wi-Fi network. Each time a device passes a node, it is identified anonymously and its position is recorded.

Wi-Fi tracks customer movement continuously, delivering full journey analysis and dwell time. A full suite of analytics and insights is provided including heat mapping. Springboard’s hybrid solution encompassing both pedestrian counting and Wi-Fi tracking offers the most comprehensive understanding of customer activity.

GDPR and CCPA compliant

All of our solutions are CCPA / GDPR compliant, in accordance with ISO27001 and data protection policies. Springboard uses the camera as an “eye” but does not store any images, therefore there are no privacy or data protection implications.

For more information on our GDPR and CCPA compliance, please see our privacy policy.