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Utilize our auto-tracking technology for scalable wide area surveillance and perimeter protection. Discover our blended solutions, the future of customer analytics.


What is a smart security solution?

Our smart security solution is the first of its kind. It uses a series of fixed counters to identify moving objects and alert a central security camera. This central camera then auto-tracks the object and records movement.

Ideally suited for perimeter protection, wide area surveillance and remote un-manned operations. Make the most of autonomous operation and custom zoom ratios for pedestrians and License Plate Recognition (LPR) for all vehicle traffic.


Combine with our customer analytics for a complete blended solution

Further enhance your smart security system by introducing any of Springboard’s customer analytical solutions. Add customer counting, sales analysis, demographics, path of movement or capture rate analytics to understand the complete customer journey in your location.

All this carried out from the same camera systems, creating a unique smart security solution. Springboard provides everything, creating a smooth process from scoping and surveying the site, to installation and account management.


Our blended solution provides

License Plate Recognition LPR on every vehicle

24/7 video recording with optional analytics 

Automated vehicle and pedestrian tracking

Advanced customer analytics

Scalable and flexible solution

Unrivalled accuracy in all outdoor environments

Calculate dwell time within the location

Two-factor authenticated data




Security camera solution

Surveillance, 24/7. Install security cameras with a fixed view or motion tracking PTZ, add optional analytics auto-tracking technology. Smart security, made simple.

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Customer analytics solution

Pedestrian and vehicle data, with demographic and sentiment analysis. Springboard counters are accurate indoor and out, proven and installed at 55-stories high. All data is two-factor validated and accessible in real-time via Springboard online reporting.

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License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology will help you to optimize the flow of vehicles in and out of your location. Use this data to calculate dwell time, busy periods for store hours, and security surveillance records.

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