Perform Sales Analysis

Springboard’s ‘Perform’ is a sales and ped count data programme that enables retailers,  centres, retail property portfolios and downtowns to interrogate and understand trends and performance.

Springboard collects sales data from the retailers within your site via a web based, secure and encrypted data storage, analysis and reporting programme. It enables retailers, centres, bids and landlords/ management companies to fully understand their sales and ped count performance and how they perform relative to other locations via comparisons against key benchmarks such as national and regional averages and averages for similar types of location by ped count, sales and sales category.

Springboard acts as a third party and all individual data is kept 100% confidential.

 Each week we deliver intelligence to you via:

 Reports to your inbox:

  • Retail Store Report
  • Retail Data Listing
  • Centre Report
  • BID Report
  • Landlord Report
  • Performance Overview

Springboard Analyser: Enabling you to cut and carve your data to understand top and bottom performing stores, categories and portfolio. Providing you with an easy method to compare the performance of events, overlay weather and activities on performance and benchmark against the region and UK.

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Benefits of Perform

  • Removes the reliance on anecdotal evidence of retailers’ trading performance
  • Provides an understanding of the relationship between visitors and sales and how this impacts trading performance
  • Enables a dialogue with traders to take place that is based on accurate and objective data.
  • A more precise evaluation can be made of the contribution to sales of marketing and promotion and of longer term initiatives
  • Using other sales benchmarking data and sales curves the system can learn trading patterns and forward forecast
  • Understand the profitability of the space
  • Understand the relationship between footfall and sales per square foot
  • How these metrics were effected by events and weather

Assess the performance of individual stores and proactively offer them additional marketing support or additional retail space.