Springboard’s latest innovation JASON, enables clients to use their existing CCTV or Springboard system to identify a human, their age, their gender, their sentiment (happy or sad) using facial detection. Our next innovation will be to use this data to report on how frequently they come to your centre.

Key features of JASON

  • Deployed on existing CCTV or Springboard cameras 
  • Facial detection including age, sex, sentiment
  • Able to detect same individual across CCTV network

Invaluable insights into:

  • Measuring the success of demographically targeted campaigns
  • Understand which locations within a store or centre are popular with each demographic segment, including differentiating between adults and children
  • Customer sentiment

How it works:

  • Springboard cameras detect the presence of a face and uploads images only with faces in them to our data lake
  • Machine learning analyses for biometrics and objects then stores results, indexes them in a library and discards the image
  • Results are stored in tables in a database for API or reporting purposes
  • Existing on site cameras can be used by adding a small discrete Springboard box to the camera network - or we can use pre-recorded video footage
  • Whole video scenes can be analysed live or post