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Context changes everything. Having a solid knowledge of a location is at the heart of accurately reading your customers’ buying habits. It means understanding their thought processes. Anticipating their needs and accommodating them.


See how you compare with similar locations

Milestone helps you monitor, evaluate and strategise. It offers a central source of local intelligence for the first time – because performance is all relative. Milestone brings you nearly 130 key performance indicators in five key performance areas:

  • Employment trends
  • Property trends
  • Consumer demand
  • Centre provision
  • Centre quality.

The result is a comprehensive data report that benchmarks your business against similar and competing locations. Simple, but incredibly effective.


Monitor performance from multiple angles

How you use Milestone depends on your business. Alongside monitoring performance, the insights could help:

  • Inform your strategy
  • Evaluate propositions or initiatives
  • Provide evidence for potential investors
  • Identify gaps in your offering and target new occupiers

Pick up on trends, spot opportunities and keep a firm, precise eye on your corner of the marketplace.


Understand the technology.

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