NOV / 2018
UK Retail Destinations: Eating Out 2018

We are currently in the midst of a changing economic landscape at least part of the catalyst for which has been our impending departure from the EU that will inevitably have an impact on the trading landscape.  The purpose of this report is therefore to place some context around this.  It examines the two year period from the referendum in June 2016 until June 2018, examining the shifts in consumer activity, eating out demand and the degree of change that has occurred.  The intention is to provide the reader with some indication as to the direction of travel for this sector in the light of these trends.

The report follows on from last years collaboration between Springboard and The NPD Group which placed into context the changes that have occurred in consumer behaviour with regard to bricks and mortar retail over the past decade, and the concomitant changes brought about in the eating out market.

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UK Retail Destinations: Eating Out 2018

Springboard's collaboration with The NPD Group is back. This years report is all about "Retail Destinations: Eating Out - Tougher Times But Opportunities Remain"


Release Date:
Wednesday 07 November 2018