Springboard Reporting


Data becomes insight. Drive business performance like never before.


The consumer landscape is going through an exciting period of change. Some destinations are thriving, while others are searching to find their way. Our Our reports present data to deliver insights, enabling you to evaluate performance with ease and identify future potential. We focus on providing engaging data in a clear, digestible format, and can even custom design a dashboard for you.

Clear, tailored reports.

Springboard reports come in a range of formats as standard – from in-depth reports to slimmed-down summaries and graphic visualizations. From there, we can build customized reporting that delivers a clear picture of your performance. You’ll also receive other datasets and benchmarks, so you can measure performance at a wider level.

Find a channel that works for you

Insights are delivered in four main ways:

Tailored automated reports

These centre and portfolio-specific reports provide a precise visualisation of your performance. They are overlaid with other datasets and benchmarks, so you can understand your performance at a wider level.

Live counting app

Get a snapshot of how busy your space is at any time. Hour by hour, zone by zone – the app gives you data quickly, allowing you to make real-time decisions. Act fast and thrive in a competitive market.

Springboard Analyser

This online analysis website enables you to cut and carve your data along with other data sets to fully interrogate your data. Complete with a calendar facility to save your events, weather for your site and portfolio, sales, pedestrian and car data you can use the site to understand your performance and the context of the performance for any hour, day, week, month, quarter or year. Available as a data feed or instantly understandable infographics. The tailored Retail Analytics Dashboard illustrates store and passing pedestrians alongside store transaction and sales data to deliver insight on the entire customer journey.

Flexible integration

Integrate our RESTful API into your existing BI platform or use the Springboard Analyser to combine your BI into custom dashboards