Place Data For Investment and Strategic Decision Making

This course allows delegates to make use of the data they have available for decision making across a wide range of applications – with time set aside for a specific focus on Inward Investment. We will look at where additional datasets might be found should further evidence be required. Finally, the examination of the definition and characteristics of Place will furnish delegates with a sound understanding of Place as a concept.

The course aims to achieve:

  • Understand what investors are looking for when applying for investment and how to collate, process, and provide this information
  • Representation of Place and how this can be placed in a place strategy context
  • Understand the strategic management process
  • Define place and express the characteristics of place
  • Summarise the findings of the Big Data Small Users (BDSU IPM Project) and identify which town center type applies

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 we are developing an online version of this course that can be completed online. To register your interest please contact