Springboard PedBox.


Springboard’s PedBox delivers footfall at concessions and kiosks at a low cost. 

Self-install in two easy steps.

What is a PedBox?

PedBox is a small, self-installed device that tracks the number of customers visiting concessions and kiosks, live in real time.

It displays footfall through the Springboard app and our online dashboard, so you and your staff can track activity at any point in the day.

Simply plug the device in, download our app and register your details to start tracking footfall immediately.


Benefits to you

  • No installation needed, can be set up in minutes by store staff
  • No long term contract – one-off PedBox purchase, followed by monthly subscription
  • You can track the performance of your concession or kiosk, hourly every day
  • You can compare footfall against previous periods and from location to location, easily on our online dashboard



Implementation is simple. Purchase a PedBox from our website, plug it into mains power and download the app. Data collection made easy. Shipment usually takes between 2/3 days. For more information, take a look at our technical specifications or our PedBox specific FAQ’s.

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