Springboard PedBox FAQ’s

How do I buy a PedBox?

Purchasing a Springboard PedBox is easy. Simply visit our payment page here, enter your details, and we’ll send your PedBox out to you.

What are its typical applications?

The PedBox is typically used to measure occupancy inside a store, office or small mall.

How does Springboard's PedBox work?

The plug and play PedBox counts the number of mobile phones in your area that are Wi-Fi enabled, this links, live, to the app and you receive alerts on a limit that you set.

What does it include?

A PedBox and a power lead are shipped directly to your address. The alerts and counts are generated via an app which is available for both Apple and Android

How do I set it up?

Simply plug the Pedbox in and download the app. You’ll need to log in to the app using the username and password we will have emailed to you. The app will then ask you for the serial number of the PedBox, you enter this, and set your chosen occupancy level. You can access our instructions here.

Where's the best place to position my PedBox to successfully measure occupancy?

We recommend the PedBox is placed near a power outlet, inside the store or unit, ideally in a central location within the area you wish to monitor. It works best when the PedBox is not hidden away, placed underneath or shielded by other objects.

Can I unplug my PedBox?

The PedBox only functions when powered from the power outlet. The system will not function if the device is unplugged. We recommend leaving the device powered on at all times.

Can I move my PedBox?

Yes. Please ensure that you unplug the PedBox from the power outlet before relocating. It can then be placed into the new location. We recommend the PedBox is located as centrally as possible, within the area you wish to monitor, and is not hidden away or placed underneath or shielded by other objects.

Does the PedBox need Wi-Fi or internet?

No, the PedBox has its own cellular sim card so it just needs power and it’s ready to go. All charges are included in the monthly fee.

Is it GDPR compliant?

Yes – no personally identifiable information is either collected or stored.

How do I display the output in my window for shoppers to see?

Simply download the app to a tablet, such as an iPad or similar, and display it in your shop window.

Can I view my data when I am not at the store?

Yes, as long as the PedBox has got power the app can be used anywhere to view the results.

What happens if I think I need more boxes? (e.g. If I have more than one store to monitor)

Please contact hello@spring-board.info for further information on purchasing additional PedBoxes.

I cannot see any data on the app?

It can take up to 30 minutes for data to appear in the app once the device has been powered on. Please try refreshing the app after 30 minutes.

I think the PedBox is counting too high / too low, what can I do?

Has the device been located in the optimum place within the property? We recommend the PedBox is located as centrally as possible within the area you wish to monitor and is not hidden away or placed underneath or shielded by other objects.

Is there a website where I can see my historical data?

Yes, depending on the level of analytics that you have subscribed for. Please contact hello@spring-board.info for further information on alternative plans.

Can I give someone else access to my PedBox data?

Your app/device is linked to the account created at the time of purchase. Only this account has visibility of the data via the app. If you wish to have more granular analysis or to see data via the Springboard Analyser website please contact hello@spring-board.info.

How do I know if the PedBox has power?

If the device is connected to a wall outlet, a green LED on the front will be illuminated.

When will I start to receive my data?

The unit starts to work immediately but will continue to learn and refine its accuracy over the first few days of use.

Will it work in my country?

Yes, we can ship a country specific model to anywhere you chose.