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Tips & Tricks. Our Calendar Structure

1 October 2019


If you’ve received any of our reports, you’ll notice our weeks and months differ slightly from the standard Gregorian calendar. Since the beginning (of Springboard) we have adopted the ONS/BRC calendar on all of our data sets.

This calendar provides consistency throughout the years by making sure the months contain the same number of weeks every year; following a 4, 4, 5-week structure in each month.

*Tip* When viewing your monthly totals on the Springboard Analyser, the 5-week months can look a little odd. The graphs often appear to peak in every third month. This isn’t an anomaly (the data is fine), it is what we’d expect given we’re looking at two 4-week months followed by a 5-week month in a repeating pattern, and your year on year data will not be affected by this.

The nice neat format of the ONS/BRC calendar works the majority of the time. However, just as we need to add extra days for leap years to maintain the seasonal accuracy of the standard Gregorian calendar, we need to add a ‘leap week’ (otherwise known as week 53) every 5 or 6 years to the ONS/BRC calendar.

This 53rd week gets added to January, so in ‘long years’ January contains 5 weeks while the rest of the year follows the standard pattern.

*Tip* When in ‘long years’, remember the extra week, as January’s data will appear higher than usual!


To read more about this calendar structure check out this article:


We’ll be covering how we compensate for the different length months and years when comparing data in another blog post.

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