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What’s the right retail analytics solution for your business?

The overriding threat for retailers in 2021 is long term store closures due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions; some notable retailers have already ceased to trade both in the UK and the US and there will undoubtedly be more of these cases and also the closure of smaller stores that are just not able to withstand long term closure.

8 March 2021

Capture Rate

Enhance mall success with Capture Rates

We know that measuring visitors into a mall is critical – this is the customer pool from which stores draw their trade – but for a mall to maximise sales, stores located within the mall need to capitalize on this and successfully attract customers through their doors.

3 February 2021

Capture Rate

Using Capture Rate to drive retail performance

We know what Capture Rates are, but how can they be used to deliver a positive ROI? And why can’t we solely rely on pedestrian counting data?

2 February 2021

Capture Rate

Capture Rate - what is it?

The issue raised most frequently with us by our retailer clients is whether sales in their bricks and mortar stores are as good as they could be.

Valuable insights can be gained from tracking store sales against market performance, which is why Springboard’s UK pedestrian count data has been so widely adopted by the industry, media, academia and the government. With a correlation of 78% between store sales and pedestrian counts in UK retail destinations, there is no denying that pedestrian traffic is a key contributor to store success.

1 February 2021


Reopening of retail stores – what might we expect?

Retail stores are allowed to reopen from Monday and the question on everyone’s lips is what is likely to happen in terms of footfall. Are people going to shop?

12 June 2020


Is coworking/co-retail combo the future of retail?

A recent article from CRETECH suggests that “mixed-use is the beacon of hope for an industry prone to doom and gloom.”

13 August 2019


Data driving retail real estate

How do visitors move throughout your location?

5 June 2019


Landlord and retail partnerships in 2019

The future of landlords and retailers is interlacing in 2019 - discover why.

22 May 2019


Diane Wehrle presents at Canterbury BID AGM, 22nd May 2019

Diane Wehrle presents at Canterbury BID Annual General Meeting, 22nd May 2019.

22 May 2019