Manchester BID

Manchester BID looks after over 400 consumer-facing businesses in the area – formed in 2013 the BID aimed to regenerate the city using footfall as a key performance indicator. After the riots, the BID worked with retailers in Manchester to rebuild the shopping centre and high street, encouraging footfall with seasonal events.

Key Benefits

Track footfall both in-store and out of store in real-time at ≥98% accuracy using the latest AI technology

The Solution
With seven key outdoor events a year and counters located across the BID area, Manchester BID is able to track footfall trends and event popularity.

The BID measures footfall for events such as Chinese New Year, Halloween and the King Street Festival. All events use Springboard data to show the significant additional footfall in the city centre at the time of these events for the benefit of the BID’s retail-based levy payers.

The Results
Springboard partnered with Manchester BID in 2011 and was chosen based on reputation, economy of scale, and the ability to add sales indices to footfall data – adding insight and contextualising raw data. Since working together, Manchester’s needs have grown, and Springboard has adapted the services to suit – including yearly, monthly, weekly, hourly and comparative reporting.

After the May 2016 terror attack in Manchester, Springboard worked closely with the BID to create bespoke reports and run through footfall changes in detail. These reports were provided to the retailers and broadcast on the news to reassure visitors and business owners that vitality in the city largely remained the same.

The ability to monitor footfall and sales conversions through Springboard counters provides added insight for retailers, landlords and event planning. Focusing on evolving that data, Manchester BID aims to use the data from Springboard and correlate with additional information, such as hotel bookings/vacancies and gather a full picture of the Manchester City landscape.

Festival Place Shopping Centre

The Manchester BID team are extremely proactive when using Springboard data to demonstrate activity and trends in the BID area. We’ve worked with the BID to understand their reporting requirements for stakeholders and provided a bespoke online report that’s accessible by everyone as a result.

Jonathan Burnett

High Streets Manager, Springboard


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