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Data from Springboard’s counters enabled the brand to prove that their proposed flagship store location was busiest area of the mall.


The question

A major US lingerie brand approached Springboard for the opening of its first store in the UK, wanting to monitor the demographic, visitor traffic, potential market share and flow throughout the mall to determine the best location for their store.

The brand asked Springboard to provide insights into locations footfall and demographics throughout a mall to understand the best location for the flagship store.

Our approach

To capitalise on this and in order for them to entice the store to lease in their mall the team pulled together research which demonstrated the best location for the brand’s new flagship store.

Springboard monotired car park data and pedestrian entrance counts for the mall, provided the total annual visitation figures, and the seasonal breakdown of the consumer shopper patterns.

This was overlaid with sales data collected from the mall as a whole – broken down by store category and sales per sqft, providing comparable data for each retailer. CACI research was applied to demonstrate the available spend for the category within the mall catchment area.

To indicate the core mall shopper demographic, Springboard monitored visitors throughout the mall, and those using the entrance next to the proposed store location.

Our findings

The results showed that the visitors reflected the core shopper of the brand (women aged 16-34), and data from Springboard’s flow counters and individual retailer counters, located throughout the mall, enabled the brand to prove that the busiest area of the mall was at the proposed flagship store location.

The brand was able to prove to the lingerie brand that they would be able to achieve the required sales for the store and therefore the leasing value for the mall.

The capture rate (the number of shoppers that walked past the store vs those who then walked in) for the mall as a whole, the retailers in the lingerie category and the adjacent retailers established that there would be enough traffic past the store to therefore be captured and subsequently converted into sales.

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