Liverpool BID, UK

Liverpool BID have a longstanding relationship with MRI Springboard and operate two BIDs – the Retail & Leisure BID, and the Culture & Commerce BID.


The key objectives for Liverpool BID encompass driving footfall, encouraging visitors into shops, and supporting retailers.

To support these objectives, MRI Springboard installed 10 cameras, in a variety of locations, which provide coverage across the activities and performance of the city centre.

Using MRI Springboard’s data, Liverpool BID were able to understand the busiest times when visitors were coming into the city and at what time of day, which has shifted since the pandemic. The data provided by MRI Springboard is key to the city’s relationships with leading brands; Liverpool City Council are able to demonstrate the level of footfall in key locations and advise on the best location
for them to launch their offering or experiential event.

Events are key to Liverpool City and by placing footfall counters in key locations,
the BID can demonstrate the ROI of each event they hold and also influences
where they should hold it to ensure it is a success.

Liverpool City boasts a thriving NTE (Night-Time Economy) and use the data
gathered through MRI Springboard’s technology to benchmark their performance
on a local and national level to identify trends. The data is also used to
demonstrate to businesses or investors which locations will be best suited to
their offering.


MRI Springboard’s data is very easy to understand and interpret, but more importantly it is very accurate. It’s good, it’s useful, it’s what we need.

Kenny Brew

City Centre Street Team Manager, Liverpool City Council

Watch Bill Addy, CEO of Liverpool BID, talk about how MRI Springboard’s technology and data supports the BID day to day. 


MRI Springboard provides us [Liverpool BID Company] with a lifeline because it enables us to understand the impact of the programs we deliver and how alive the city is. Without MRI Springboard we would be clueless! 

Bill Addy

Chief Executive, Liverpool BID


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