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MRI Springboard’s Learning Academy has been established to empower anyone who uses data, giving them the very best understanding and skills. Whether you’re a town centre practitioner, a retailer, or looking after a property asset, our courses will help you exploit your data better. So you can make more informed decisions.

Diploma in place data and insights

All courses are delivered by our training team and powered by MRI Springboard’s expertise in collecting, processing, and uncovering data insights. This is training grounded in the reality of working with large customer datasets.

The Diploma in Place Data and Insights is accredited by the Institute of Place Management. It comprises of three modules – all three can be completed to achieve the Diploma or, alternatively, any one course can be taken individually. The modules are:

  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Data in Place
  • Place Data For Investment and Strategic Decision Making
  • Using Place Data to Enhance Perceptions Through Marketing & PR

All our modules provide valuable learning on their own, or as part of the Diploma. And they’re available to everyone – you don’t need to be a Springboard client to join the Learning Academy.

Our aim is to enhance knowledge and skills around place data. Those who invest in and use data will gain enhanced insights and value that make a real difference to their business.

MRI Springboard’s Learning Academy – Course Structure


Webinar: Understanding Today's Retail Landscape

Join our upcoming webinar as Diane Wehrle, Marketing & Insights Director, takes a deep dive into footfall performance across UK retail destinations throughout the first half of 2023. In this insightful session Diane will analyse the continuing effect on footfall and spend in retail destinations from hybrid working and the key economic challenge from rising interest rates and inflation.

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