ASP.NET MVC Web Developer

Springboard is the UK’s leading provider of location-based bricks-and-mortar intelligence on customer activity in stores and destinations. From customer counting and demographic profiling through to sentiment tracking, our services monitor customer behaviour at the finest level of detail. We work with retailers, shopping centres, property owners, high streets, and industry associations across the globe. We are renowned for our data accuracy, innovative technology, and tailored solutions and recognised as the market leader in delivering data to track the performance of our clients, with our service spanning footfall counting, sales tracking, Wi-Fi tracking and benchmarking.

Springboard is seeking an ASP.NET MVC Web Developer to work on their customer facing and internal web applications. Springboard develops mainly on the Microsoft stack and developers have the exciting opportunity to work with the latest technologies.


Job brief:

The successful candidate will be required to work directly with the Springboard’s Technical Lead via daily video conference in order to develop the software. We operate a mature continuous development pipeline. Requirements will be supplied in work packages assigned via our project tracking software, Atlassian Jira. Updates will be submitted via pull-requests to the client’s technical lead for code review, before being merged into the production code-base. Most of your working hours will need to overlap the UK working day for planning and briefing purposes.



Required skills:

  • Good understanding of ASP.NET Web Application Development patterns and practises and SOLID principles. In particular Repository, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection patterns
  • Good understanding of distributed version control systems. E.g Git / Mercurial
  • Experience of Test Driven Development with the NUnit or similar testing framework
  • Knowledge of ORM software such as Entity Framework or NPoco
  • Knowledge of Javascript / JQuery
  • Understands and adheres to secure coding practises (e.g. OWASP) and encourages others to do so
  • Familiarity with Atlassian Jira project tracking software (or similar)
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
  • An analytical thinker with proven problem-solving abilities


The following would be beneficial skills and experience (but not essential):

  • Working on .Net Core projects, including migrating ASP.NET Web Forms to .Net Core
  • Developing and working with REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Working with NoSQL databases, e.g., AWS DynamoDB
  • Using Docker
  • Front-end frameworks, such as React and Blazor
  • Experience of working on customer-facing applications (e.g., SaaS products) and creating robust and user-friendly UIs
  • Implementing Single Sign-On with OAuth and OIDC


Salary: 90,000 PHP to 120,000 PHP per month dependant on experience


Please submit applications with your CV to: