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Customers' demands are continuing to shift, impacting how they interact with bricks and mortar stores. 

To maximize store performance, data that provides real insight on the store, its potential within its location and the store's location is critical.

Measure. Adapt. Out-perform.

Whilst data may be plentiful, the key to delivering actionable insights is accuracy, immediacy and relevance. Springboard’s solutions deliver on all of these – accurate, immediate and relevant data – giving you the ability to make informed decisions.

  • Monitor customer numbers and conversion into sales through in-store Pedestrian Counting
  • Measure the success of your stores in maximizing their sales potential via the Capture Rate
  • Put the performance of your stores into context, compare with other stores in your network
  • Track movement within store, and customer dwell time
  • Profile your customers,  and understand the success of stores in attracting your target customer through Demographics


Do your store customers convert into sales?

Understand your conversion of customers in stores into sales, compare store footfall with sales transactions. 

Compare stores within your network to establish which stores could perform better in converting visitors into sales. Quantify this for each store, and understand the potential opportunity for the network.


Are your stores maximizing the potential of their locations?

Understand the extent to which your stores are maximizing the sales potential in their trading locations.

The store's Capture Rate - the % of visitors in the street or mall that enters your store - represents its market share within a location. For store potential to be maximized this should remain level or increase. As external pedestrian counts increase, so should the volume of customers in your store. 

Understand how each store is faring, and identify opportunities to increase sales where the Capture Rate is lower than the average. Track Capture Rates over time to establish whether stores are improving their performance. Compare stores within your network to identify under-performers.


Is your target audience visiting your store?

Demographic and sentiment tracking from Springboard helps you understand the profile of your in-store customers, their satisfaction and the extent to which you are attracting your target customer.


How are customers moving around your store, and what is their dwell time?

With in-store customer tracking you can monitor activity within a store, and customer dwell time in different areas of the store. Identify how customers engage with your store and its offer. Understand the changes you can make to maximize the customer experience.


Benefits for you

Access the data you need, when you need it

Establish the impact of the wider market performance on your stores

Compare the performance of individual stores with wider market performance

Evaluate your store network, with advanced analytics and reporting

Measure the impact of initiatives, interventions and promotions

Understand customer path of movement through your store(s)

Establish your customer profile, understand your demographic


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