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People are the lifeblood of retail destinations.

Customers’ wants and needs are shifting rapidly. Consequently it’s ever more important to understand the impact of these changes on downtowns and districts so they can adjust and stay relevant.

Identify the effectiveness of your initiatives through an uplift in pedestrian counts and sales.

Whilst data may be plentiful, key to its value is accuracy, meaning and immediacy. Springboard’s solutions deliver on all of these, giving you the ability to make informed decisions.

  • Understand performance and the things that change customer activity using Pedestrian Counts
  • Track popular visitor routes throughout the downtown/district and identify streets that may require more attention with Wi-Fi Tracking
  • Profile your visitors and identify appropriate offers through Demographics
  • Monitor the conversion of pedestrians into sales through Perform Sales Analysis


It’s the complete picture.
Measure, adapt, out-perform.


Changes in consumer behavior, and therefore in how downtowns are used, means that it’s critical to monitor your performance.

Understand whether changes in performance are due to local factors and initiatives, or a consequence of wider trends, such as weather or national holidays.


Demonstrate your trading potential.
Amplify your success.


View your downtown or district's performance on a day-by-day basis through our online dashboard, the Springboard Analyser. 

Communicate effectively with occupiers and investors with our beautifully designed pdf reports, sent to your inbox each week and month.

No downtown is too small, too large or too complex. We have extensive experience across all types of locations, both indoor and outdoor, delivering solutions that range from simple to bespoke.

With a variety of technology and install options, from using your existing video security systems to installing our own hardware, we find the best solution for your needs. And we operate on a fixed pricing model. We cover all repair costs, software upgrades and guarantee our counters for life. Transparent pricing so you know where you stand.


24/7 pedestrian counting

Monitor your performance

Measure the impact of initiatives, interventions and promotions

Provide evidence for investors

Support your existing businesses

Understand visitor path of movement through your location

Establish your customer profile

Identify improvements in your location’s sales performance

Maximize your appeal to visitors

Access the data you need, when you need it

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