Sara Crockett

We’ve completed installation with Springboard at seven shopping centers and are in process on four additional centers. The team has been flexible, responsive, and easy to interact with. The company offers reliable technology (much more so than our prior vendor),...

Dr. Mark Chrystal

“Of the many hundreds of technology partners that we have worked with at rue21, Springboard is one of the very best. It has been a tremendous partnership, and one that has provided an incredible amount of business value.”

Ellen Goldstein

“We can give you exact traffic information for when you want to do your event, the time of the day, the day of the week, the week of the month, the month of the year, the seasons; and we were never able to do that before.”

Mallory O’Neill

“It’s been a great way for [the retailers] to know what’s happening at their front door and in their districts. They can take that information and adjust their store hours, or determine when they want to use special offers – so it’s been a really great resource...

Michael Edwards

“We chose Springboard over other suppliers because of the advanced technology, counting accuracy, and the team understood what we were trying to accomplish.” The value of Springboard continues to get richer the longer you’re with [them]. The first year of data is how...