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Retail intelligence and shopper analytics

MRI Springboard is the leading provider of retail data analytics, retail traffic counting, and customer tracking for leading brands, shopping centres, and high-streets worldwide. MRI Springboard delivers clear insights that enable clients to act with speed and confidence to enhance their shopper experience, maintain their brand value and increase their revenues.

We are known for the accuracy of our data analytics, the quality of our reporting, our insights on retail, our innovative technology and tailored solutions.


We understand the complexity of retail environments and businesses, and the need for everyone to play their part. We are team players and roll our sleeves up to get the job done. We believe in the value of relationships, great communication, and having some fun alongside our daily hard work.


Diversity of thinking and ideas is the best way to resolve issues and achieve successful outcomes. We value a round-table approach when it comes to working with knowledge and technology partners to drive results. There are no egos allowed – we recognise great ideas regardless of where they come from or the title attached to that contributor.


We love to be trusted to tackle something and just “figure it out”. We enjoy the analytical and technological puzzles that our clients set us every day; ingenuity and persistence are key to our innovation.


Our reputation is built on precision and quality and we will settle for nothing less. Ever.


The world of retail presents many twists and turns and can at times be turbulent — it’s a competitive environment always, and that’s only been heightened by the pandemic. Regardless of how tough it gets, trust is our hallmark, reliability is our promise and we honor our commitments. Always. We’ll never let anyone down on your team...or ours.


We are in the knowledge business and our data fuels important commercial decisions — close is not close enough.


“We have always talked about ‘Conversion’ even when we couldn’t really measure it. Now we can it is one of our most important measures. As you’ll know, in retail – once you introduce a new metric and talk about it all the time it should go up (which it has).”

Nick Bryant
Head of Business Analysis,
The Fragrance Shop

"We knew about Springboard’s unrivalled grip of the national footfall picture - this most valuable piece of knowledge for any retailer with a wide portfolio of bricks and mortar outlets. However, we hadn’t appreciated how they are able to both enrich this raw data with a breadth of retail perspective and to provide us with the most granular of store level, hour by hour minute by minute, insight. Insight that is enabling better decision-making across store operations, trade promotional planning, marketing, and financial planning. All delivered by a proactive and highly responsive and agile team that has developed a front end that is widely used and has become in these testing times, a vital link with our stores".

Peter Grant
Senior Market Analyst
Walgreens Boots Alliance UK

"We wanted to be clever with our data and having started out online we had grown into the habit of being data-driven. I use the Springboard Analyser to look at trends on a regular basis, identify any issues within our stores, and can drill down to the detail to understand what’s going on. This approach has led to great results for the business."

Mike Turner
Bird & Blend

"We carry out a lot of data analysis on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and are always looking at ways drive the centre performance. The team at Springboard provides us with our own tailored data reporting, as well as bringing best practice ideas to us, which is vitally important in the current market."

Rachel Carter​
Business Performance Manager
Festival Place

“Springboard has supported us on our journey and given us the ability to provide footfall trends to our members and highlight positive and instrumental ways we have driven footfall upwards. Using the Springboard data, we have been able to understand whether an event or activity has supported the growth in footfall and more importantly, where it has not and the possible reasons why.”

Matthews Sims
Chief Executive
Croydon Town Centre
Retail Data Analytics



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