20 MAR 17

Footfall Decline in Retail Parks Accelerates

Footfall in February was 1.0 per cent down on a year ago. This is lower than the three-month average of 0.8 per cent, but slightly above the twelve-month average of -1.1 per cent.

“Footfall in February was a tale of two halves. Whilst footfall improved slightly on January with a drop of -1 per cent compared to -1.3 per cent, this should not be confused with a stabilising of consumer behaviour. Increasing uncertainty from an imminent..." Diane Wehrle, Marketing & Insights Director at Springboard

Visits to retail destinations fell by 1 per cent in February, which marks little change to what has been a familiar story over the past few years. Although, given the disappointing in-store sales so far in 2017, the decline in footfall last month is unsurprising. On closer inspection..." Helen Dickinson OBE, British Retail Consortium Chief Executive

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