24 FEB 17

2016 UK Footfall Review

Springboard have released our 2016 UK Footfall Review.

“2016 represented the start of what is undoubtedly a seminal period in our economic and political history. Whilst the retail sector will not be immune to changes in how we trade once we leave the EU, indicators of the trading performance of retail destinations over the past year do not point to any significant adverse impact to date, despite there already being some inflationary pressure.” 

Springboard’s UK 2016 Footfall review looks at the changes in footfall, online activity and sales throughout the year. Whilst providing vital insights for the year as a whole the 2016 review also highlights key trading dates such bank holiday weekends to reveal their impact on the retail environment.

The review features a footfall breakdown for each retail sector (High Streets, Shopping Centres and Retail Parks), our vacancy rate results throughout 2016 and a prediction for themes to look out for in bricks and mortar in 2017. 

“The change in overall footfall across UK retail destinations of -0.9% in 2016 was virtually equal to the -1.0% recorded in 2015, although it disguises shifts in activity between destination types.”

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