All footfall data is available in a variety formats suitable for a range of users and applications, with footfall benchmarks available as weekly and monthly reports, bespoke data feeds, and topical reports.

Springboard specialises in delivering complex datasets within meaningful and timely reports that help our clients understand their position within an ever-developing industry.We are aware that users of benchmarking data have a variety of needs and objectives, and so Springboard provides its indices in both ready to use, professionally designed reports in pdf file format, and as regular datafeeds delivered by email or via an API, in excel or csv file formats.We provide three key types of report:

  • Weekly report – tracking footfall for the last week compared with the week before and with the same week last year.  Data is provided for each of the three destination types, for the UK and for each region/nation.
  • Monthly report - tracking footfall for the last month compared with the previous month and with the same month last year.  Data is provided for each of the three destination types, for the UK and for each region/nation
  • Topical reports – these reports are focus on a particular trading period or topic, and set out the footfall trends during the period in question compared with the same period last year, eg. Easter, Christmas, Quarterly Review, Annual Review. These reports also incorporate other relevant indicators that provide insights around the recorded footfall trends, eg. consumer confidence, online transactions, retail sales.  These reports are professionally designed and delivered in pdf file format.

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